Sunday, March 11, 2012

Seattle Expedition!

Today my family and I set out to Seattle on an expedition to taste new foods. Not only is their food a tourist attraction, but there's a musician in every corner.

We started of at Mee Sum Pastry, where we each had a hombow, sort of a sweet biscuit filled with meat or vegetables. The markets had everything from homemade blackberry honey to pig's head and duck's fat :/. A wide selection of locally-grown fruits and vegetables were sold for steal deals of 35 cents an orange, and smiling faces insisted for the public to try sweet apples and plum slices.

After walking up an appetite throughout Seattle, we stopped at Beecher's for the World's Best Macaroni. Beecher's Mac & Cheese is unique because their cheese is created on site. I ordered the Mariachi flavored version, the pasta was so creamy it refused to cease slipping off of my fork. Free samples and creameries tempted us every block, but with raging winds and a temperature of forty-six degrees- ice cream just didn't sound that special anymore.

 By the ump-teenth time around, though our curiosity was raging us onward, but we realized that we could walk all day and still have more new eateries to stop by. So we caught the next ferry heading out of Elliot bay, and put impediment on our Seattle expedition.

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  1. Best mac and cheese Ive ever had!! There cheese curds are really good as well.